From Detroit, Michigan to Detroit Fiefdom

“Hear Ye, Hear Ye, all Detroit subjects should immediately report to the City’s Square and hear this royal decree from King Snyder. By his order and authority Detroit is now known as Detroit Fiefdom. Detroit’s elected officials shall surrender all their power and where with all to do whatever King Snyder commands. These steps are necessary for you to receive a pittance of money already owed to you and in return you are never to question what it is we ask, remove all subordinates who may challenge us and/or seek to represent the will of the people or have the City’s best interest at heart. Hear Ye, Hear Ye this is today’s royal decree issued by the King. Please govern yourselves accordingly.”

Detroit has no leadership, as evidenced by today’s firing of Corporation Counsel Krystal Crittendon. She was fired because she was doing her job. The job many Detroiters wanted, expected and demanded from a Corporation Counsel when they voiced their opinions and concerns doing the months of charter review meetings. How sad that the Mayor and those six City Council Members who voted for her removal bowed to the two-headed King known as Snyder and Dillon. Snyder and Dillon should have run for Mayor if they wanted to control Detroit’s billion dollar purse strings so badly.

Detroit’s elected officials and those who work for the City are often labeled as corrupt, inept, and incompetent yet when we have someone who was doing her job and focused on the good of the City she gets fired. Let’s be real here she was fired because she challenged the legality of the Consent Agreement and the Mayor and those City Council members who voted for her removal are trying to save themselves and their positions. She is just one of many sacrificial lambs that will happen as the City’s failed leadership seeks to jump through hoops and keep their jobs and positions safe. As long as the Governor and Treasurer Dillon can dangle the possibility of sending in an EFM they will continue to answer with “how high” when asked to jump.

I am glad this is an election year for Detroit. I implore Detroit residents to be about your business and research the candidates who plan to represent you, elected qualified, capable leaders who truly want to see Detroit prosper. Furthermore, for the Governor, the Treasurer and those who serve on this so called Financial Accountability Board if you are truly about helping Detroit get its financial footing then start today. Help Detroit’s Tax Department out. The information that you are holding of who truly owes Detroit money make that your top priority to help collect the money. Ease up on the necks and backs of residents who owe paltry sums in back property taxes and parking tickets and go after the real money; the money that would help Detroit’s coffers. But that would be too much like right wouldn’t it, because then you couldn’t have your way. You couldn’t sit in your kingly palace in Lansing and send your grand chariots down whenever you wanted if the City was thriving. No you like it this way. It makes ruling your kingdom so much easier.

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One Comment on “From Detroit, Michigan to Detroit Fiefdom”

  1. Longshot Says:

    Yes we all voted on a proposal that said NO to an Emergency Manager. Yet Snyder just VETO-ED HB 5546 a Horse Racing Bill. The JOBS, JOBS, JOBS man just flushed 12,000+ connected to the Horse Racing Industry down the toilet.

    And WHY?

    Because of a Proposal voted on in 2004 when NOBODY understood the petitions they were signing or what the proposal was really about.

    Fact is people thought it was to EXPAND gaming to the racetracks as in other states.

    So he uses one Proposal to not act for his own POCKETS. But ignores another one Voted Down and say’s F’ it. I say I will do what I want.

    The Horse Racing Industry at one time stood alone and brought in $400 Million a year in Revenue, had 42,000 jobs connected to it. Long before the word Lottery and even longer to the word CASINO. Whether Tribunal or Commercial.

    We still have a massive amount of jobs connected to it but how long do you think that will last now?

    All we were asking for was a band-aid. Indiana have Racinos, Ohio are building them as I write & soon Illinois. We couldn’t even accomplish instant racing to keep us on life support.

    Does Detroit think that is fair?

    Snyder isn’t helping Detroit by sheltering these three casinos. He is throwing away millions upon millions of revenue that could replace what Detroit is losing because of what the surrounding states are taking away from Michigan.

    Yeah, talk to me about Looony Toons.

    I agree Krystal Crittendon was fired for doing her job. But then you cannot fathom things that make common sense here in Michigan with their [politicians. We are in-fact doomed.

    All of us.

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